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Forward-looking water protection hoists

Electromechanical screw jacks are becoming increasingly relevant in hydraulic steel construction. ZIMM’s transmission technology regulates the opening and closing of sluice and weir gate plates, thus ensuring the controlled drainage of excess water during floods. The components from ZIMM can be used in power plants and for channel regulation as well. They are responsible for …

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Replacing Hydraulic Lifting Systems with Electro-Mechanical Screw Jacks

There is a widespread push to replace hydraulic systems with electro-mechanical screw jack systems and for a number of good reasons. The trend has already been under way in Europe for some years and now it is moving to North America. Engineers are being tasked to “design out” hydraulic systems and “design in” screw jack …

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Fast – Comprehensive – Innovative | ZIMM Product Configurator

“Time is money” – especially in the context of globalisation and growing international competition, this statement is becoming increasingly important in order processing in mechanical engineering. Our product configurator is therefore deliberately aimed at those designers who implement designs with lifting gears and complete jack systems quickly, purposefully and without the necessary programming knowledge. There …

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User-friendly customer experience

Product configurators are evolving into engineering tools through AI, cloud, and digital twin integration, saving vendors and users tremendous time in design and manufacturing. This is a statement of Gunther Zimmermann, CEO Zimm. :K: Do clouds, artificial intelligence and fast simulation solutions offer new approaches to significantly expand the functionality and use of online configurators? …

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