With a gross domestic product of $21 trillion, the USA leads again having the world’s largest economy.  To better position themselves in the Central and North American market place, Zimm Screw Jack Systems of Austria and DieQua Corporation in the US, have established Zimm USA.  Zimm and DieQua have been partners for over 20 years, but with Zimm USA, a whole new focus provides direct sales, support, engineering and complete manufacturing, all in the US through DieQua. In addition to this commitment, Krister Meister, with over 20 years of linear motion and power transmission experience, has been appointed Product Manager, dedicated entirely to the Zimm Screw Jack portfolio at DieQua.  

“We have had a long-term partnership with Diequa Corporation. They have been in charge of the sale of lifting spindles and attachments to the USA and Canada already since 1998. They know the challenges, developments and chances of the market very well, and therefore we are confident that by deepening of the partnership, our products will  be accepted even better in the North American market,“ Gunther Zimmermann | CEO says.

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