A tolerance of only 50 micrometer to ensure perfect synchronous movements at ambient temperatures between -20 and +80 degrees Celsius – this requirement can be easily met with screw jacks from our ZE series.

Regarding the shifting system, our customer required a high-precision shifting mechanism for the simultaneous synchronous shifting of several, partly heavy components. This has been done with two gearboxes from the ZE-25-SN-KGT series (13 kN, i = 24:1) in two interconnected systems. Thus, even if they act completely independently of one another, parallel running behaviour is allowed, ensuring a positioning accuracy of less than 0.5 mm.

Focus on synchronous operation

So that both spindle drives can work exactly synchronously, there must be no play in the spindle. This is the only way to ensure that the engines run absolutely synchronously and that the elements can be shifted in a parallel and synchronous way on both sides. This is of essential importance, since exceeding the tolerance can cause immense damage to the components being shifted.

The solution for the customer-specific shifting units was developed together with our end customer. At the same time, in close cooperation with our technicians and the field service on site, the special focus was, as mentioned, on synchronous operation.

Standardisation 2022

Having successfully tested the finished system, it will not only be offered to the customer as a standardised system, but it will also be introduced for special solutions starting from 2022.

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