After the extension of our proven and easy-to-use ZIMM product configurator, instead of the previous nine, 15 systems with screw jacks from the ZE, Z and GSZ series can now be implemented intuitively, quickly and flexibly at the click of a mouse. In detail, this means that, depending on the product series, the following sizes can now also be selected:

  • Series ZE: 5 kN up to 200 kN
  • Series Z: 250 kN up to 1000kN
  • Series GSZ: 5kN up to 150kN

However, that’s not all: From March onwards, our customers will also have available sizes 250kN and 350kN for the ZE range product series, including the corresponding attachments, bevel gearboxes, connecting elements and other accessories.

“Also with the new added systems, every configuration is checked for possible collisions. For example, when I select a 6-unit system from the ZE series with upright spindles, only the accessories intended for this are displayed. This reduces the error rate to almost zero, which means I can get the desired results quickly and easily,” says Maciej Boldys | CTO at Inmeth-Bth, sales partner of ZIMM GmbH in Poland.

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