Use of ball screw drives in automation technology_2

Manufacturing businesses are increasingly investing in the expansion and introduction of robotic technologies and processes with the aim of more rapid and more cost-effective production. These technologies also offer more efficient consumption of energy and the opportunity to respond more easily to customisation requests from customers.

The implementation and development of these technologies often require rapid movements, high duty cycles and accuracy. Robust trapezoidal threads are primarily used for adjustments with lower duty cycles on account of their lower efficiency rates. By contrast, ball screw drives, with their efficient rolling friction and resulting higher efficiencies, which can be as high as 90%, offer the ideal conditions for automation tasks.

In addition, some ball screw drives allow the nuts to be adjusted with virtually no backlash or to be preloaded with oversized balls (the pitch must be less than the diameter). Depending on the requirements, pre-tensioned double nuts may also be used, which has a positive impact on operating performance.


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