From 22 to 23 March 2023, the 12th WAPRO (Roll Forming Conference) took place in Darmstadt. As part of the presentations from science and industry, two ZIMM projects were also presented.

Among other things, Benedikt Depta M. Sc., from TU Darmstadt | Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machinery, explained the refitting of a roll forming system. By retrofitting with screw jacks from the ZE series with both rotating and translating spindles, several rolls were dispensed with, thus significantly improving the rolling process.

“By using screw jacks, we realize movements in different degrees of freedom. This gives us the flexibility to produce slit profiles with different geometries. ZIMM supported us very well in the selection and design of the screw jacks”, says Benedikt Depta M. Sc.

© TU Darmstadt | Automated slit profiling plant

In addition, a project by Franziska Aign M. Sc. on the production of T-profiles with varying thickness was presented. With two Z-350-SL screw jacks, rolls can now be controlled directly.

“In order to save weight, a new, flexible rolling process is to be used to subsequently introduce variable wall thicknesses in T-profiles along their length. The screw jacks realize the necessary translatory movement of the rollers. My thanks for the very good advice and support in this project go to ZIMM,” says Franziska Aign M. Sc.

© TU Darmstadt | Principle of the flexible T-rolling process

The next WAPRO has been renamed DAPRO and will take place in 2025. Systems utilizing our hoist screw jacks will be presented there.

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