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With the unique product configurator ZE, ZE-H, Z and GSZ series of the screw jacks can be selected by mouse click in a simple, fast and convenient manner. In this context, the designer selects the desired gearbox, size, attachment parts, etc. and subsequently receives the requested data sent by email. The most common 3D CAD formats, a 2D DWG format and a 3D PDF format is available to be viewed immediately. This allows the designer to view the component quickly and easily on any computer – even without having the CAD program installed.

Intuitive, fast and flexible

The configurator is designed in such a way that no programming knowledge is required. For example, if you move the mouse over a specific button, tooltips are displayed to the operator as an aid – in addition to the integrated help function. Furthermore, the configurator continuously performs a plausibility check in the background. This means that if the designer makes a mistake, he immediately gets an indication that this combination is not possible and the field will be highlighted in red.

Frequently asked questions

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