Together for our customers!

Built on a partnership spanning over twenty years, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, Zimm USA combines the legacy of two, family companies with strikingly similar journeys.  Both Zimm Screw Jack Systems of Lustenau, Austria and DieQua Corporation of Bloomingdale, Illinois started small, with a like-minded entrepreneurship, to take a vision and put it into motion – literally.   In 1977, Mr. Juergen Zimmerman began selling drive elements such as spur gears, bevel gears, racks and pinions, chains, linear guides as well as, other power transmissions components to the Austrian market.  Three years later and some 4,500 miles away Mr. Dietmar Quaas started with a single product and grew into producing and supplying a huge variety of gearboxes, speed reducers, gearmotors, and connecting components to the North American market.

Fast forward to 1991, Zimm begins producing a complete line of screw jacks to the world market and in 1998, DieQua added Zimm screw jacks to its product offering by becoming the exclusive Zimm partner for all of North America and still is today.  So, what’s different?   Today, Zimm and DieQua are still individually family owned with their sons operating the family businesses.  But now DieQua is Zimm’s only partner that manufactures Zimm screw jack systems outside of the Zimm factory in Austria, where DieQua, right in the USA, provides all the engineering, manufacturing, sales and support for all of Central and North America.  This unique partnership needed a name, hence, Zimm USA

DieQua’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff understands the importance of achieving customer satisfaction. They have been trained and empowered to meet your needs, from screw jack application analysis to order expediting and everything in between. So, we encourage you to contact us with your screw jack applications, whether it’s for lifting, holding, pushing or pulling, DieQua has a Zimm screw jack solution for you. Call or email with your application details, we would love to earn your business.

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