General product features

Characteristics of ZE-H-Series include high performance and increased duty cycle. Flexible combinations, state of the art design and efficiency are key advantages with:

  • Speeds up to 3000 RPM’s
  • Optimized gearing with increased service life
  • Fully synthetic gear oil, especially suitable for worm gears
  • Improved temperature capability both at continuous loads and at peak loads
  • High quality seals
  • Increased ease of maintenance when changing the lubricant: oil can be replaced without disassembly

Discover the appropriate spindle for your application

The parameters and requirements for the application of your lifting gear are crucial when choosing either a trapezoidal thread or ball screw, especially concerning the following:

  • Duty cycle
  • Repitition accuracy and positioning accuracy
  • Stroke speed
  • Stat. / dyn. loading (Hold load in position or move)
  • Service life and maintenance

Characteristics_Trapezoidal thread or ball screw

Functionality | Rotating and translating spindle

R-Screw | rotating
The spindle is fixed to the worm wheel and rotates with it. The nut therefore moves up and down.

S-Screw | translating
The worm wheel has an internal thread and transforms rotary motion into linear movements as long as the spindle is prevented from rotating.


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