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ROTO Evolution GmbH from Crimmitschau (Saxony/DE) is known for its economical, ecological and innovative rotational moulding machines. With the new Roto-Tower 800, our gearboxes now help to reduce the energy required to manufacture products in the rotational ball molding process by at least 30%.

The Customer was looking for a long-term, reliable partner who could not only provide support in machine design, but above all be available on site on a regular basis. In the process, ROTO Evolution came across ZIMM on the Internet and was very taken by our modular system and the online configurator, among other things. The quick establishment of contact through our field service operative Mario Kühn, the good support and the quick availability of the components did their part to finally acquire the Customer.

The challenge was to install an adjustment mechanism that can be operated both synchronously and asynchronously by means of a servo motor. This was solved in the Roto-Tower with a lifting frame which is built around the loading platform and moves into the heating or cooling zone, depending on the process phase. Two spindle-type screw jacks (ZE-10-SN-KGT) are used here. In the transfer station, where the molds are opened, filled and closed, eight ZE-10-SN-KGT are also in operation.

The Roto-Tower 800 has revolutionized the injection molding and rotational molding process. Compared to existing methods, this not only saves time but also at least 30% energy. In addition, the modular design of the system allows organic growth of the production as needed.

Info on the rotational molding process

Rotational molding means that a powdered thermoplastic material is melted in a biaxially rotating hollow mold. Due to the rotational movement, the plastic melt is deposited layer by layer and with uniform wall thickness on the inner surfaces of the mold. This creates the outer contour of the desired product. At the end of the process, the previously heated hollow mold is cooled down again before it can be removed for demolding.

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