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RB Poland is a polish company specialising in the development and manufacture of AGVs. Whether for in-house or external transport, RB Poland is always looking for new solutions to continually improve its products.

ZIMM came into play when a powerful lifting system with a load capacity of around two tonnes was required. Durability, accuracy, energy efficiency through high conversion and the use of DC motors were the main criteria that the worm gear screw jack manufacturer from Lustenau was able to fulfil.

“ZIMM adapted to our needs and gave us excellent support in implementing the requirements. This gave us the opportunity to develop a new vehicle (AGV) that is even more powerful than our previous products.”

Tomasz Tomza | Chief Design Engineer

The very specific demand was a challenge for our polish sales partner Maciej Boldys from ZIMM Polska. The excellent communication and factual discussions between him and the customer proved to be particularly important in the selection of the appropriate components. A system with four GSZ-5 screw jacks connected asymmetrically to the motor was finally chosen.

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