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Several ZE-350-S-KGT worm gear screw jacks with a possible static load of up to 35 tonnes will soon be on their way to our customer in the crane construction industry. The first container cranes of a larger batch ordered in July 2023 will be equipped with these jacks.

These STS (ship-to-shore) cranes, weighing around two thousand tonnes each, will soon be used to load containers onto and off of cargo ships at a French port – with a loading capacity of between 25 and 80 containers per hour, depending on the size of the crane. The ZIMM gearboxes ensure that this occurs seamlessly. They control the rope pulleys, on the rope of which the containers are lifted or set down. This ensures that the containers can be counter-steered in crosswinds, for example, and are maintained in position as still as possible.

Another special feature is the C5 coating with a layer thickness of NDFT 320µm. The worm gear screw jacks are given five coats of paint after they have been sandblasted, completely assembled and then disassembled again. This is necessary to ensure the heavy-duty corrosion protection (C5) required for the harsh conditions at sea.

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