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Regular visits as well as our expertise and support in various projects paved the way for ZIMM to receive a modernisation order from our long-standing customer khb maschinen- und anlagenbau Gmbh in Mannheim. For example, a tyre changer previously equipped with hydraulics is now operated with our screw jacks. Their low installation height and flexible control were the deciding factors for the customer, in addition to the comprehensive advice.

In cooperation with khb designer Armin Schroff, our field service employee Jorge Mondragón Abal developed a drive solution that makes it possible to mount a wide variety of tyre types and sizes on rims with run-flat systems. The tyre changer for an end customer can now control various diameters more precisely than ever before. The decisive advantage of this system is the fact that manual tyre change is replaced by an automated process. 

This is ensured by two of our ZE-25-RN spindle-type screw jacks with reinforced, double-threaded screw plus safety nutopposed bearing plate and motor flange, as well as a connecting shaft VWZ-40 for radial installation and removal. The system is operated by a three-phase motor with brake in size 100.

With ZIMM, we have been combining technologically sophisticated solutions with optimum customer service for many years. In this way, this project could also be implemented to the complete satisfaction of our customer.  

Armin Schroff | Design engineer grad. eng. (University of Applied Sciences) | khb maschinen-und anlagenbau
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