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When emptying bulk containers (“big bags”), two different screw jacks are used by our end customer from the milk processing industry. Since the beginning of 2023 these have provided both vertical and horizontal movements, thus ensuring space-saving use.

The system was designed for the smallest possible installation space and, above all, height was to be saved. The new single unit was based on a similar emptying station in which a screw jack system had already been installed back in 2002.

Instead of the conventional lifting devices used thus far as standard, a GSZ-25-RN screw jack is used for lifting the big bags (vertical movement) and a GSZ-50-RN for moving the lifting beam (horizontal movement). This way, the customer’s requirement for a height-optimised system could be met to their complete satisfaction.

One of the reasons for implementing the new project again with ZIMM was the extensive and detailed provision of 3D data and the sending of the finished models. For the designer, this represented a fundamental saving of work, and also relief. He found the contact with our technical supervisor and our field service to be very pleasant and purposeful.

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