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Since 2018, our worm gear screw jacks with recirculating ball screws have been a central component of the press frame of the CompreDrive, a laboratory press for electrochemistry of our customer rhd instruments from Darmstadt. There, our ZE-150-SL-KGT KG63x20 gearboxes are used for force control instead of a hydraulic system.

While searching for a suitable worm gear screw jack on the internet, rhd instruments became aware of ZIMM. The on-site consultation and the quality tipped then the scales in favour of the purchase decision. Now, one ZIMM gearbox per system ensures that single-axis forces of up to 75 kN can be applied to material samples with unprecedented accuracy using the servo-driven high-precision press. In addition, the force control can be kept constant and a temperature range of minus 40 to plus 250 degrees Celsius is supported.

Among other things, the CompreDrive is used to test materials for future battery technologies, especially in the solid-state sector. It is used, for example, in production-accompanying quality assurance in the automotive industry, but also at universities and institutes that deal with material development – namely in Switzerland, Germany, Norway and the USA.

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